Chrome developers close 27 vulnerabilities

Chrome developers close 27 vulnerabilities

If you surf with Google Chrome, you should update your web browser for security reasons. Several holes are related to the threat level “high“classified.

By successfully exploiting almost all vulnerabilities, attackers could provoke memory errors (user after free) in various components of the browser. This generally leads to an application crashing. Often, however, it is also conceivable to use it to move your own code into memory areas and execute it. In a warning message, Google does not state whether and how this works in these cases.

The developers state that the security holes in the Version 93.0.4577.63 closed for Linux, macOS and Windows. To check the installed version under Windows, for example, click on the three vertically arranged points in the browser in the upper right corner and then on Help / About Google Chrome. This also triggers the update process manually if Chrome is out of date.

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