Cyber ​​criminals sell access to international logistics companies

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These are often weak points in RDP and VPN. However, stolen access data are also offered. Security researchers warn of further negative consequences for the supply chain.

Intel 471 has published an analysis of current black market trends on the Internet. It shows that there are cases where Initial Access Brokers (IABs) offer access to international shipping and logistics companies by land, air and sea.

Global supply chains have been in serious turmoil since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. The problems go beyond the shortage of chips – lockdowns and closings have left backlogs around the world, and while we are slowly recovering from the pandemic, demand for everything from food to electronics remains high. This could be why companies that make up the backbone of freight transportation and delivery have caught the interest of cyber criminals, including ransomware operators.

Access is usually via vulnerabilities in the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), in virtual private networks (VPN), Citrix, SonicWall, misconfigurations and brute force attacks as well as the theft of access data. A cybersecurity crisis at one of these logistics and shipping companies could have catastrophic effects on the global consumer economy, ”said the researchers.

“The logistics industry is a constant target and the consequences of a cyberattack can hit the global economy hard. It is extremely beneficial that security teams in the marine industry monitor and track the attackers, their tools and their malicious behavior in order to stop attacks by these criminals, ”the researchers said. “The proactive elimination of weak points in times of high alertness avoids a further burden on the already restricted business processes.”

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