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According to a Kaspersky study, more than half of the companies in Germany have difficulties financing cybersecurity improvements. Another problem is the lack of internal support.

Most companies have recognized that the Internet is dangerous. Whether attacks on the supply chain or APTs (Advanced Persistent Threats) – the threat landscape for companies is constantly evolving and becoming more and more complex. A current Kaspersky study shows that 53.2 percent of decision-makers in Germany want to be more proactive and strengthen their cybersecurity measures – but don’t know how.

According to Gartner, decision-makers in companies will be more liable for security incidents in the future. Therefore, companies should strengthen their cyber protection and implement a solid cybersecurity strategy. For this, the company management has to bring its IT department or its Security Operation Center (SOC) in line with all other departments – from HR to marketing and sales – so that the company can operate securely in the future. This requires the implementation of a SOC at the company level and, especially for smaller companies that do not have internal resources, the addition of external threat intelligence or SIEM integration.

According to the Kaspersky survey, half (50.4 percent) of decision-makers in SMEs and companies in Germany are concerned about the lack of internal support to prevent cybersecurity incidents, and around half (48.8 percent) have difficulties finding the necessary ones Obtain funding for cybersecurity tweaks.

“The big challenge that companies are confronted with is that they should do a lot more to protect their company, could do so, but don’t know how to actually implement it,” says Christian Milde, General Manager Central Europe at Kaspersky, firmly. “This can be solved by consistently implementing a cybersecurity strategy as part of a top-down model. As a result, investments in security also bring a monetary benefit in the future, since compromises result in considerable financial costs. Organizations need to be more proactive than ever to protect both their digital and physical assets across the organization. Basic measures, such as protecting end devices, are no longer sufficient. With a comprehensive security solution such as Managed Detection and Response – MDR for short, which automatically detects and blocks cyber threats and combines them with outsourced expertise by cybersecurity experts, the IT team can concentrate on its core tasks again. “

To fully protect themselves, companies need both technology and human expertise. That means they need an integrated approach with a trusted partner who can give them an enterprise-wide view. This saves you time and offers greater efficiency.

“To make up for the lack of resources and expertise, and optimize responses to complex and advanced threats, companies should consider leveraging external cybersecurity expertise, combined with trusted, high-performance technology. The approach of commissioning a single cybersecurity partner offers transparency about all endpoints in the company network and a superior defense that enables the automation of routine tasks for the detection, prioritization, investigation and neutralization of complex threats and APT-like attacks, “explains Christian Milde, General Manager Central Europe at Kaspersky.

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