Data Leak Protection (DLP)

Data Leak Protection Service By Pentest7

Data leaks are a common issue nowadays because of the increasing number of hacking every day. Data leaks can expose sensitive information to hackers and they can use it to do malicious activities. Most of the time these breaches happen unintentionally but it still costs money for the company. Data leak protection (DLP) is a dedicated service to expose the accidental leaks of a data source. It helps companies identify their weakness in data protection.

Does VAPT help to protect your data?

Accidental data breaches are the main problem for the concerned businesses. Companies try to tackle these issues by taking VAPT / Pentest solutions but little do they know that a pentest does not expose endpoints where data can be leaked. Pentest will discover the entry points of the hackers which could have allowed them to access the system but it never tells you the exit points of data leakage.

That’s where pentest7 comes with their revolutionary data leak protection service. This DLP service focuses on these exit points from where data could have been leaked. DLP service is not much different from traditional pentest service but it is 100% focused on data leaks. So whenever you take the DLP service you can be 99% sure that most of your data leak exit points have been identified.

DLP was introduced to eliminate such breaches. Now companies can only use DLP service instead of pentest to save costs and protect themselves from unintentional data breaches.

It is not recommended to only go for DLP and not for pentest rather companies should first go for pentest then DLP.

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