Fashion chain Guess reports attack with ransomware

Accenture: Attack with Lockbit ransomware has no consequences

The incident occurs as early as February. The DarkSide group is behind the attack. It apparently steals around 200 GB of data.

Fashion company Guess is another victim of the DarkSide ransomware group. As Bleeping Computer reports, the cybercriminals had access to Guess systems between February 2nd and 23rd. They also stole data from Guess employees such as social security numbers, ID numbers and bank account numbers.

According to the report, about 200 GB of data fell into the hands of the blackmailers. A part of it was therefore published by them. When asked by ZDNet USA, the company did not provide any information on the number of those affected. A spokesman stressed that no customer credit card information was compromised.

The speaker only admitted unauthorized access to certain systems. A cybersecurity provider as well as criminal investigation authorities had been turned on. The affected employees and suppliers were also informed.

The ransomware group DarkSide was best known for its attack on the pipeline operator Colonial Pipeline. Shortly afterwards, the group stopped its activities.

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