Free decryption tools: Cyber ​​extortionists are escaping hundreds of millions of euros

Free decryption tools: Cyber ​​extortionists are escaping hundreds of millions of euros

The No More Ransomware project has been distributing free decryption tools for five years. They also help stop the cyber blackmailers’ money flow. Tools are now available for 151 ransomware families.

The No More Ransom project, which was founded by Europool, the Dutch police, Kaspersky and McAfee and offers free decryption tools for ransomware, has prevented ransom payments of around 900 million euros in the past five years. The project now offers 121 free decryption tools on its portal that can decrypt 151 ransomware families. More than six million ransomware victims were able to decrypt their files without having to submit to the demands of blackmailers.

The portal, available in 37 languages, is used by ransomware victims around the world to defend themselves against ransomware attacks. The website’s “Crypto Sheriff” allows users to upload encrypted files to find out what form of ransomware they have fallen victim to, and then redirect them to a free decryption tool, if one is available.

The project also prevents cyber criminals from profiting from their campaigns. “Together we will do everything in our power to thwart the criminals’ money making and return the files to their rightful owners without them having to pay a lot of money,” the project describes its goals on its website.

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