Google launches Certificate Authority Service

Google launches Certificate Authority Service

The service is already in high demand during the test phase. It allows the administration and provision of private certificates through automation. Application examples are identity management and the creation of digital signature services.

Google announced the general availability of the Google Cloud Certificate Authority Service (CAS). So far, the service was only available in a public preview. According to Google, the offer met with great interest during the test phase.

Google CAS is a scalable service for the administration and provision of private certificates through automation as well as for the administration of the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI). According to the company, the platform was created to “serve the unprecedented growth in certificates in the digital world,” driven by the popularity of cloud services, Internet of Things (IoT), containers, microservices, smart devices and connectivity of the next Generation was triggered.

Google named identity management, increasing the security of data transport and creating digital signature services as application examples. Another application is the use of CAS as a “pay-as-you-go” solution in the Internet of Things. “We have seen that small to medium-sized companies that build IoT peripherals such as wireless chargers, USB devices or cables have come to us and have a need for certificates,” continues Google. “You don’t want to invest in PKI and CAs because it is not your core business and the profitability makes no sense in view of the size of the market.”

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