Hackers attack COVID-19 importer in the Italian region of Lazio

Hackers attack COVID-19 importer in the Italian region of Lazio

Among other things, the website for the allocation of vaccination appointments is affected. Allegedly it is a ransomware attack. Lazio is the region around the Italian capital Rome.

The government of the Italian region of Lazio has reported a hacking attack on its COVID-19 vaccination portal and other IT systems. Residents of the region around the capital Rome were sent on Sunday Facebook informed of the incident. Among other things, the system for booking vaccination appointments was affected.

In the Facebook post, government officials spoke of a “powerful” attack. Because of the attack, there could be delays in vaccinations. The government officials did not say whether it was a ransomware attack. The backers are not yet known either.

A first attack took place in the night from Saturday to Sunday. As a result, almost all files in the data center are “locked”. “At the moment the system is shut down to enable an internal review and to prevent the spread of the virus introduced with the attack.” Neither health data nor financial data have been compromised.

According to a report by CNN, the cybercriminals gained access to the systems through an administrator account. They are said to have smuggled in crypto-locker malware and encrypted data in the system. According to the report, there is also a ransom demand.

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