Hackers named 740 ransomware victims on data leak websites in the second quarter

Hackers named 740 ransomware victims on data leak websites in the second quarter

That’s a 47 percent increase over the first quarter. The numbers are based on 31 data leak websites. Most of the organizations affected come from the USA.

More than 700 organizations were attacked with ransomware in the second quarter of 2021 and their data was published on data leak websites, according to cybersecurity company Digital Shadows. Of the nearly 2,600 victims listed on ransomware data leak sites, 740 were recorded in the second quarter, an increase of 47 percent compared to Q1.

The researchers’ report takes into account a number of incidents from the past quarter that made headlines across the globe. These include the DarkSide attack on Colonial Pipeline and the attack on global meat processor JBS. They sparked heightened law enforcement action by US and European authorities.

Digital Shadows tracks information posted on 31 leak sites on the dark web. Data from companies in the industrial goods and services sector were therefore represented most frequently. Construction and building materials, retail, technology, and healthcare companies also dominated the list of organizations attacked.

The researchers also found that 60 percent of the affected organizations were based in the US, with only Canada seeing a decrease in ransomware attacks from Q1 to Q2. More than 350 US organizations were affected by ransomware in the second quarter, compared with 46 from France, 39 from the UK and 35 from Italy.

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