Hackers steal research data in a cyber attack on Volvo

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The car manufacturer grants illegal access to its systems. According to Volvo, this does not endanger the safety of vehicles.

Vehicle manufacturer Volvo has admitted in a press release that confidential research data was compromised when its systems were breached. The company speaks of “illegal access” by unspecified third parties.

“Research so far has confirmed that a limited amount of the company’s intellectual property was stolen during the break-in. Volvo Cars has today concluded, based on the information available, that there may be an impact on the operations of the company, ”Volvo said in a statement. “After the unauthorized access was discovered, the company immediately took security countermeasures, including measures to prevent further access to its property, and notified the relevant authorities.”

The investigation into the incident is still ongoing, Volvo said. A cybersecurity provider was also called in. The attack had “no impact on the security of his customers’ vehicles or their personal data”. However, the company restricted that this statement was based only on “currently available information”.

As BleepingComputer reports, the Ranwomware group Snatch confessed to the break-in. The group also published an excerpt of the stolen data.

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