If glass breaks, there is danger

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Ring has introduced a glass breakage sensor for home security. The new sensor will be delivered from February.

Ring expands its range of home security products with the glass break sensor. According to Ring, the sensor is able to detect shattering or cracked glass and differentiate between similar sounds to avoid false alarms.

You need a Ring Alarm System or Alarm Pro to add the glass break sensor to your security setup. Each sensor has a range of up to 15 meters and can be mounted on the wall, ceiling or on a shelf near a window or glass door.

When glass breakage is detected, the sensor sends an alarm to the Ring mobile app and notifies the Ring Alarm monitoring service when your alarm is armed. The Ring Alarm Glass Break Sensor can be ordered from today and will start shipping on February 16th.

Ring offers two different alarm systems. The regular Ring Alarm or Ring Alarm Pro acts as the Eero Wi-Fi system for your home, providing a backup internet connection if your home loses its internet connection. Of course, the alarm products can be integrated directly into the Ring camera product range.

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