Intel and RSA cooperate

top cybersecurity companies

Together they want to make transactions over the Internet secure

Chipcresus Intel (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: INL) and crypto-expert RSA Data Security announced at the RSA Data Security Conference in San Jose, California that they want to develop new security technologies together. Intel is responsible for the hardware components, RSA for the software. The first joint products are to be seen this year.

Specifically, security enhancements for credit card transactions over the Internet are initially being considered. “We are entering a phase in which e-commerce transactions take place on a global network. These transfers must be secure, “said Intel’s head of the Platform Security Division, Michael Glancy.

The two companies want to make their key technologies in the field of data security accessible to each other. The results are then to be marketed jointly.

Contact: Intel, Tel .: 089/991430

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