IT risk audit provides evidence of the company-wide security level and uncovers risks from third parties

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Automated IT security assessments from LocateRisk identify vulnerable systems in the external IT attack surface and accelerate the security process.

Security authorities across Europe are advising to take increased IT security precautions. The problem: Many organizations are unaware of the extent of their IT attack surface. LocateRisk, cybersecurity specialist from Darmstadt, the stronghold for IT security in the EU, wants to change that and carries out a non-invasive IT risk analysis of their externally accessible IT infrastructure for all interested companies. The results are discussed in a half-hour online meeting.

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With a SaaS platform, the company-wide IT landscape under control
LocateRisk enables more efficiency, transparency and comparability in IT security with automated, KPI-based IT risk analyses. Decision-makers from management and IT receive an understandable report on the security situation of their company-wide IT infrastructure in less than 48 hours.

The automated analysis of the IT attack surface uncovers outdated applications, encryption, configuration errors, GDPR violations and data breaches and provides the corresponding recommendations for action at the same time. The analyzes can be exported in various formats and can be easily connected to enterprise ticket systems such as Jira or Splunk, etc.

In addition to the company’s own IT security situation, the solution also provides reports on IT security from third-party companies and helps to implement supplier risk management and M&A processes in a resource-efficient manner.

IT monitoring and ratings – Made in Germany + EU certified security
The technology was funded in 2020 with 0.73 million euros by the German Ministry of Research. Customers include organizations of all sizes and industries – medium-sized companies and large corporations as well as ministries, cities, Kritis operators and IT system houses. In 2020/21, the technology has already measured more than 4 million servers, compared 50,000 companies and given 14 million recommendations for risk reduction.

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