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The market for IT security solutions is growing. With the complexity of the networks used by companies, the need for IT security instruments that are as efficient as possible is growing. The companies presented here are examples of innovative technologies that make it possible to protect companies from cyber attacks and thus prevent high economic or financial damage. The field of IT security is growing because the challenges that arise from ever-increasing networking and the resulting “gateways” for professional cyber criminals are also developing rapidly.

Link11: This is how web server and infrastructure protection works

Link11 is one of the most successful companies in the field of cybersecurity in Europe. Founded in 2005, the company has achieved a leading position in the area of ​​protecting web servers and infrastructures from cyber attacks. The company, headquartered in Frankfurt am Main, has locations worldwide, including in Europe, North America and Asia.

With cloud-based IT security services, Link11 supports its customers in several ways. The goal is to maximize the cyber resilience of corporate networks and critical applications. The Link11 product range includes a wide range of security services: e.g. efficient web and infrastructure DDoS protection, intelligent bot management, and zero-touch WAF and secure CDN services.

Numerous analysts (e.g. Gartner or Frost & Sullivan) give Link11 very good marks. Above all, the high-quality protection across all relevant OSI layers and against all, even unknown forms of DDoS attacks within seconds, which is unique in terms of precision, speed and service levels, leaves satisfied customers and experts. The technical basis is the patented DDoS protection. It uses machine learning and consistent automation.

Link11 has its own worldwide multi-terabit network, which currently consists of 43 PoPs (Points Of Presence). This network connects the DDoS filter clusters and CDN nodes together. This network is controlled and monitored around the clock by an in-house security operations center.

The Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) lists Link11 as a qualified provider for DDoS protection of critical infrastructure. In comparison to some other listed providers, Link11 fulfills all the requirement criteria. The company thus confirms the highest standards in the field of data security. In addition, since its inception, Link11 has consistently received numerous awards for its innovative solutions and business development.

WebID Solutions GmbH: Tailor-made solutions in the field of online identification

If a company is looking for solutions to identify its customers even without personal contact, they will eventually come across WebID Solutions GmbH. Founded in 2012, the company is considered one of the leading innovation drivers in Europe when it comes to digital identities (True Identity), legally compliant online signature processes or similar identification products.

The most important solutions developed by founder and co-CEO Frank S. Jorga and his company include above all VideoIdent, eID Ident (identification via ID card), Konto Ident (by logging into online banking), AVS (online Age verification), AI Ident (identification using AI and biometrics), True Ident (identification using digital identity) and QES (qualified electronic signature).

WebID Solutions GmbH can be considered a pioneer with regard to video identification that conforms to the Money Laundering Act (Money Laundering Act). The company develops tailor-made online authentication solutions for its customers. This makes it possible to verify a wide variety of information. Using the process called VideoIdent developed by WebID Solutions, every relevant process can be carried out online

The products offered by WebID Solutions meet all legal requirements and thus all required and necessary security standards. WebID is looking to expand and is on the way to gain a foothold in the US and India. The list of well-known customers is long. The global company can count among others ABN AMRO (moneyou), Allianz, AMAG and Barclaycard among its customers. But the BAWAG Group, BNP Paribas, Check24, Deutsche Bank Group, DKB and ING, MMOGA, Santander, Sparda Banks, Swisscom, Targobank and Vodafone also use the processes developed by WebID Solutions.

Akamai: BoT management via edge platform

Founded in 1998, Akamai is a leading provider in the field of edge platforms and can refer to well-known customers such as Lufthansa, Topcon, Suntory Business Systems, Taichung Bank, Yatra and Smilegate. The unique selling proposition is the company’s Edge platform.

Akamai’s service portfolio covers the areas of security, content delivery (CDN), edge computing and industry-specific solutions. The area of ​​IT security is particularly interesting for customers. Akamai offers solutions such as App & API Protector and Edge DNS as solutions.

The App & API Protector represents a holistic WAAP solution (Web Application and API Protection), so to speak. Unfortunately, the networking of the world also means that there are more and more attacks on business processes in the area of ​​web applications. In addition, the number of API abuses and bots used is increasing. Akamai’s App & API Protector is able to streamline an organization’s information security strategy while providing the ability to identify risks. This enables the customer to close existing security gaps and thus ward off web and API-based hacker attacks.

Akamai is also recognized by experts as one of the market leaders in DNS. As you know, the job of a DNS server is to translate name requests into IP addresses, while also controlling which server each end user reaches when they type a domain name into their web browser. Here, Akamai ensures that its customers can rely on uninterrupted DNS availability of business-critical DNS, even under high DNS utilization due to high traffic.

The guarantee of DNS availability is also of great importance in view of the increasing number of DDoS attacks. These attacks work through an orchestrated overload of countless requests. Edge DNS provided by Akamai works with segmented IP anycast architecture. This means that it divides the associated name servers and points of presence into different IP anycast clouds. Edge DNS also uses multiple DDoS controls. Edge DNS is available as a managed DNS service.

Imperva: Security at the highest level

Regardless of whether a company is looking for solutions in the area of ​​application, network or data security or needs support with the topic of security automation or with optimizing its own cloud-native security, the start-up Imperva offers the appropriate solutions. Founded in 2002 by Shlomo Kramer in San Mateo, USA, the company specializes in cyber security software and related services.

For corporate networks that are spread across offices, data centers and cloud providers, the constant, uninterrupted availability of the data and applications stored in them is of the utmost importance. Any slowdown or even a failure can result in enormous economic damage. Imperva recognizes that modern networks are very complex entities that can be composed of hardware, software or virtual applications and cloud infrastructure. Cyber ​​attacks are increasingly taking place on these structures, e.g. B. in the form of DDoS attacks, DNS hijacking or phishing attacks. With its services, Imperva not only ensures the greatest possible availability. It also offers an industry-leading 3-second SLA for the purpose of mitigating DDoS and minimizing its impact on the business. Using a so-called DNS resolution, it is possible to filter out unwanted data traffic and only allow requests that are classified as legitimate.

The benefits of Imperva’s services are manifold. For example, they help avoid downtime by blocking any attempts to turn off the network. In addition, Imperva is able to reduce the bandwidth used, which reduces costs. In addition, the services ensure end users much faster access to all the resources they need. This applies worldwide.

Via the so-called Content Delivery Network (CDN) associated applications such as content caching, load balancing and failover, the company is also able to distribute applications and content absolutely securely around the world.

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