Massive cyber attack on Ukrainian Internet provider averted

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The attack causes massive disruption across Ukraine. Connectivity drops to 13 percent of pre-war levels. The provider primarily supplies the Ukrainian military.

The Ukrainian internet service provider Ukrtelecom was the target of a “massive cyber attack”, according to the Ukrainian government. By 9:35 p.m. Monday, the attack had been neutralized, according to Ukraine’s State Service for Special Communications and Information Protection (SSSCIP).

According to NetBlocks, the attack on the central IT infrastructure affected the entire country and led to the worst internet disruption since Russia invaded Ukraine. Accordingly, connectivity collapsed to 13 percent of pre-war levels.

The SSSCIP announced on Monday afternoon that Ukrtelecom had resumed its services. on Twitter It also said: “In order to preserve network infrastructure and continue services to the Ukrainian Armed Forces and other military formations, as well as to customers, Ukrtelecom has temporarily restricted the provision of its services to most residential users and business customers.”

In a separate statement Monday, SSSCIP Chairman Yurii Shchyhol said, “The first cyber war in human history is underway.” The “entire IT community of the world” stands united against the Russian invasion, Shchyhol added, naming companies how Microsoft and Oracle helping Ukraine.

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