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Software company hires outside company to search for security holes in Hotmail

Microsoft (Frankfurt Stock Exchange: MSF) has stated that an outside company has been hired to check its Hotmail e-mail service for security holes.

“We spontaneously decided to hire another company to investigate,” said Microsoft spokesman Tom Pilla, referring to the recently discovered giant security hole at Hotmail, which made headlines as the “largest security hole in the history of the Internet”. However, Pilla did not want to give the name of the contractor.

Due to the hole in Hotmail, millions of accounts with the service could be viewed for several hours at the end of August. Users only had to enter a user name in order to be able to view, use and change the emails of Hotmail customers.

According to MSN spokeswoman Deanna Sanford, an error in the login script on the Hotmail servers was the cause. “It’s a simple HTML code to blame,” said the well-known security expert and head of Phar Lap, Richard Smith.

At the beginning of this month, a hitherto unknown hacker organization from Sweden called “Hackers Unite” declared itself responsible for the hole. The group contradicted spokesmen from Microsoft, who had vehemently denied a hacker attack.

Contact: Microsoft, Tel .: 089/31760

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