Microsoft stops largest DDoS attack ever

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It reaches up to 3.47 terabytes per second. The previous record was 2.4 TB/s. However, the attack only lasts 15 minutes.

Microsoft stopped what it claims to be the largest DDoS attack (Distributed Denial of Service) ever reported. At 3.47 terabytes per second, it surpassed a 2.4 TB/s mega DDoS that the company had also deployed and was considered the largest DDoS attack of all time at the time.

Massive DDoS attacks are becoming more common. According to Alethea Toh, a product manager on the Microsoft Azure Networking Team, Microsoft mitigated two more DDoS attacks of more than 2.5 TB/s in December.

The record-breaking 3.47 TB/s DDoS attack was launched from approximately 10,000 sources from connected devices in the United States, China, South Korea, Russia, Thailand, India, Vietnam, Iran, Indonesia and Taiwan. “We believe this is the largest attack ever reported in history,” Toh said.

As with last year’s massive DDoS attack, the attack vector in the 3.47 TB/s DDoS attack was a UDP reflection attack, sending UDP request and response packets within a local network using a dated Attackers spoofed Internet Protocol (IP) source address.

The attack lasted only 15 minutes. The other two attacks that surpassed 2.5 TB/s were also short bursts targeting servers in Asia. In all three cases, UDP was used. The protocol has proven very popular for these attacks, as online game servers cannot withstand even short, high-volume attacks. Also, UDP is commonly used for gaming and streaming applications.

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