Mozilla is discontinuing support for Lockwise password manager

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The Lockwiese app for Android and iOS is affected. Password management is still included in the Firefox browser.

Mozilla has informed its Lockwise users via email that it will end support for the password management app on December 13th. Lockwise is available in two versions: One in the browser itself under about: logins and a separate Lockwise app for iOS and Androidthat can be used as a standard password manager on a smartphone.

However, the end of support only applies to the app version. “The Firefox Lockwise app is no longer updated and supported by Mozilla and is no longer in the Apple App and Google Play Stores will be available, ”writes Mozilla in its email. “After this date, current Lockwise users can still access their saved passwords and their password management in the Firefox desktop and mobile browsers.” Mozilla also advises that the app will continue to work after December 13th, but no patches receives more.

Android users can replace the auto-fill feature of Firefox itself, while iOS users who rely on Lockwise will have to wait for an alternative. “Check back in December 2021 to learn how you can use Firefox for iOS as a system-wide password manager,” said Mozilla.

Compared to the mostly paid competition, Lockwise lacked various functions. Nevertheless, the app had recently achieved a range of functions that was sufficient for many users. Another advantage was the support from an open source organization, which shows more respect for the privacy of users than some of its competitors.

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