New preview of Microsoft Defender for Windows available

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It is aimed at consumers and will require a subscription in the future. Microsoft promises cyber security for the whole family and all devices with Defender for Windows.

Microsoft has released a pre-release version of its new security product Microsoft Defender for Windows for US users in the Microsoft Store. It is aimed at users who want to protect all devices within a “family”. The new Defender app aims to be “your personal defense against cyber threats”.

The description on the store continues: “Easily manage your online safety from one central view, with industry-leading cybersecurity for you, your family and your devices. Stay safer with real-time alerts, security tips and recommended steps to help you stay one step ahead of hackers and scammers so you don’t have to worry.”

The store page notes that the Microsoft Defender app does not require a subscription during the trial period; Users can download it and sign in with their personal Microsoft account. Going forward, however, this version of Defender will require a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription, the site further states.

Defender Preview provides consumers with a single view to manage and monitor their online security posture. They’ll be able to see the status of their Windows PC, as well as up to four other devices (as long as they’re signed in with the same personal Microsoft account), including phones and Macs. Users can add or remove devices and view anti-malware protection across all covered devices. The app will also provide recommendations for better data, computer and phone protection, provide security tips and provide real-time security alerts.

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