Organizations ill-prepared for attacks

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Many companies in German-speaking countries are only insufficiently protected against cyber attacks. This is the result of a current survey by the Handelsblatt Research Institute on behalf of TeamViewer.

A lack of preparation often leads to unpleasant surprises. More than a fifth (21%) of all participants surveyed at the “Handelsblatt Annual Cybersecurity 2021 Conference” stated that their company was “rather poorly” prepared for a targeted cyber attack. The survey was conducted during the event by the Handelsblatt Research Institute on behalf of TeamViewer among the around 200 high-calibre IT decision-makers who took part.

Hybrid forms of work increase the attack surface

Almost half (45%) of respondents said their organization had had to respond to a cyberattack in the past 24 months. 52 percent also see an increased need for action due to the switch to hybrid working models and the associated strong or very strong increase in the attack surface for cyber attacks, for example when employees work outside the company network.

From the point of view of IT decision-makers, employees remain the most important gateway: 81 percent of those surveyed name social engineering as the most relevant access route for cyber attacks. Especially with regard to remote work models, it is therefore even more important for companies, in addition to regular employee training, to protect their own infrastructure and company resources – for example by assigning separate roles and rights – against corresponding attacks.

Despite these challenges, security experts remain optimistic. Nine in ten (91%) survey respondents say the level of cybersecurity at their organization has improved over the past year.

Mike Eissele, CTO at TeamViewer, comments: “The survey shows how important cybersecurity is across all industries and that innovations in this environment must also take the users of the devices into account. IT and product security are part of our TeamViewer DNA. In product development, we follow a ‘security-by-design’ approach, in which remote connectivity and cybersecurity are always considered together. With our end-to-end encrypted connections and extensive security features such as conditional access, companies can centrally administer the access rights of their employees and at the same time are protected against attacks from outside.”

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