Ransomware: More than half of all attacks are focused on three industries

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58 percent of attacks target banks, utilities, and retail. However, with a share of 22 percent, banks are the most popular destination.

More than half of all ransomware attacks target one of three industries: banking, utilities, and retail. This is according to an analysis by cyber security researchers, who also warn that all industries are vulnerable to attacks.

The data was collected by Trellix – formerly McAfee Enterprise and FireEye – from attacks detected between July and September 2021, a period during which some of the most notorious ransomware attacks of the past year took place.

According to Trellix detections, the banking and finance sector was the top target of ransomware during the reporting period, accounting for 22 percent of attacks detected. This was followed by 20 percent of utility attacks and 16 percent of retail attacks. Attacks on these three sectors combined accounted for 58 percent of all attacks detected.

Utilities are a particularly tempting target for ransomware gangs because the industry provides vital services to people and businesses. Attacks on retailers can also have a significant impact, forcing stores to become cash-only or even to close altogether, leaving people unable to shop for basic necessities.

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