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The tetraguard.untouchable software uses an innovative approach to prevent ransomware attacks and thus protects companies and institutions.

Many companies and authorities in Germany are currently at great risk. The threat of cyber attacks to which companies and institutions are exposed on a daily basis is increasing rapidly. In the last few weeks alone, cities, hospitals and large companies have been hit by ransomware attacks. All data was encrypted by malware and made unusable. “You are fuc ***” appeared on the screens and nothing works anymore.

The resulting damage runs into billions of euros. Last week it hit an automotive supplier who had to send 10,000 employees on short-time work. The total damage cannot yet be foreseen. The resolution rate of the cases is extremely low and the business for the so-called hackers is lucrative. So it is time to take action against these types of cyberattacks and put a stop to the increasing number of attacks.

Tetraguard systems GmbH is now presenting an effective solution with the tetraguard.untouchable suite. In the past few months, a fundamentally new approach to thinking has made a major breakthrough in the fight against threats. This differs significantly from the previous precautionary measures and is based on the company’s own development.

Through the ingenious, AI-supported connection of components, a software solution was developed that is based on file-based encryption. In combination with a 2-factor authentication based on knowledge and ownership, access to systems is secured and security is increased even further with application control.

Even the attempt of an attack rebounds, as the tetraguard software recognizes that the attacker does not have the appropriate access authorization (key) to the data and therefore does not allow access.

Even if the ransomware usually obtains increased rights (administrator) – the user retains the key sovereignty – the destruction of data by malicious malware is no longer possible. Not as a user with admin rights, not as a local administrator or as a domain admin.

Companies receive comprehensive protection against ransomware from 100 euros per user. The company is offering an early bird campaign for the new tetraguard.untouchable suite limited to November. Companies affected by the July floods are offering a heavily discounted version of tetraguard systems for their protection.

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