San Francisco 49ers attacked with BlackByte ransomware

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External security experts and authorities are investigating the incident. The FBI is currently warning of attacks by the BlackByte group. The cybercriminals apparently use known security gaps in Microsoft Exchange Server.

Immediately prior to the Super Bowl season finale, the San Francisco 49ers admitted to being attacked with ransomware. The BlackByte ransomware group is apparently responsible for the attack.

“We recently became aware of a network security incident,” the club told Pentest7 USA. “Upon learning of the incident, we immediately launched an investigation and took steps to contain the incident. External cybersecurity firms have been brought in to assist and law enforcement has been informed.”

“As the investigation is ongoing, we believe the incident is limited to our corporate IT network. To date, we have had no indication that this incident is affecting systems outside of our corporate network, such as those associated with Levi’s Stadium operations or with ticket holders. As the investigation continues, we are working flat out to restore the affected systems as quickly and safely as possible.”

The name of the San Francisco 49ers appeared on the ransomware group’s leak website late Saturday night. The team was close to entering the Super Bowl two weeks ago.

Just a day earlier, the US federal police FBI had warned about the BlackByte group. Among other things, the cybercriminals are said to have identified known vulnerabilities in Microsoft Use Exchange Server to infiltrate victims’ IT systems.

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