US government launches rewards for tips on state-sponsored hackers

Study: Companies are the target of an average of 700 social engineering attacks per year

It’s up to $ 10 million. The State Department also expressly wants to combat ransomware attacks on critical infrastructures. To protect sources, rewards can also be paid out in cryptocurrencies.

The US State Department has offered a $ 10 million reward for information about hackers working for foreign governments. The measure targets people who are involved in “malicious cyber activities against critical US infrastructures in violation of the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act”. The State Department also counts ransomware attacks on critical infrastructures as malicious activities.

The government announcement also mentions other cyber crimes. In addition, they do not have to be directed solely against US government computer systems. Rather, it is also about attacks on computers “that are used in international or foreign trade or communication or that influence them”.

The rewards program is handled through the diplomatic security service and has set up a “Dark Web (Tor-based) tip reporting channel to protect the safety of potential sources.” The RFJ program also works with inter-agency partners to ensure the rapid processing of information as well as the possible relocation and disbursement of rewards to sources. Reward payments can include cryptocurrency payments, ”the State Department said.

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