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A fire in a building can have devastating consequences – both economically and for the people who stay there. In 2020 alone, 336 people died as a result of fires (source: Statista). For this reason, it is very important to ensure reliable fire protection. There are also strict regulations in this area. To prove that you have met these, you must create fire safety documentation.

Fire protection documentation: Record information about the measures

If a fire is allowed to spread unhindered, it poses great dangers. But there are numerous measures that contain the fire. This begins with the use of flame-retardant materials and ends with the construction of fire protection walls and the installation of fire protection doors. In this way, it is possible to significantly increase security in a building. It is therefore very important to pay attention to structural fire protection right from the planning stage. In this way you ensure safer use. In order to keep a good overview of the fire protection measures implemented, it is advisable to record them precisely. Thanks to the fire protection documentation, information on the implemented measures is available quickly and easily. In addition, you must observe the fire protection documentation requirements. In many buildings, the building regulations prescribe mandatory fire protection measures. In order to be able to prove that you have complied with these, you must create a detailed fire safety file.

Fire safety software for easier documentation

In order to keep the effort involved in creating the fire protection file as low as possible, it makes sense to use special fire protection software. An example of this is Ed Controls. This allows you to create digital fire protection documentation. That makes this task much easier. The digital format also makes it easier to manage the document and you can easily integrate later changes.

The digital fire protection documentation makes work easier

Fire protection on construction sites is of great importance. You should document all the details directly during implementation. This makes the work of the project manager much easier. A digital fire protection book allows all measures to be recorded and documented with photos. Compared to conventional systems, this saves a considerable amount of time. Even after the building has been completed, it is important to carry out regular checks. The fire protection officer is responsible for this. This must check whether the existing measures are still effective and whether further precautions are necessary. To do this, he must be informed about all fire protection measures that have already been implemented and add all extensions to the previous fire protection documentation. Therefore, a fire safety officer should use software that provides all the information needed and that makes it easy to add more details to the previous fire safety file. Even with renovation work, you must pay attention to fire safety to ensure that the building continues to meet all specifications. The fire safety inspection software is also very helpful. This provides all the necessary information and allows changes to be noted quickly and easily.

Fire protection documentation software – for efficient implementation of fire protection

High-quality fire protection documentation software has become indispensable in modern construction companies and in building management. This allows you to record all relevant information and meet your documentation requirements quickly and easily. This significantly reduces the effort involved in this task and thus significantly lowers the costs for creating the fire protection file.

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