What is penetration testing or pentesting?

A penetration test, also known as a pen test or ethical hacking, is a cybersecurity approach that allows companies to uncover, test, and highlight security flaws. Ethical hackers are frequently used to conduct penetration tests. In order to assess the security risk of a company’s computer systems, network, or web services, these in-house personnel or third parties imitate the techniques and activities of a hacker. Pen testing can also be used by businesses to ensure that they are adhering to compliance standards.

Who are these ethical hackers?

Ethical hackers are IT professionals who employ hacking techniques to assist corporations in identifying potential access points into their systems. Companies can mimic cyber assaults to assess the strengths and vulnerabilities of their existing security systems applying distinctive methodology, tools, and approaches. The degree to which a theoretical threat actor, or hacker, can breach an organisation’s security protections and protocols is referred to as penetration testing in this situation.

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